ABNAKim Touch-Author-pic_touchup(1)Kim Michele Richardson is the author  of the memoir, THE UNBREAKABLE CHILD, which received a starred review from Booklist ALA. THE UNBREAKABLE CHILD is a riveting journey inside the secretive underbelly of the St. Thomas / Saint Vincent Orphan Asylum in rural Kentucky. To learn more, please visit her official website: www.theunbreakablechild.com

Additionally, Kim is an advocate  and ear for child abuse victims, a Habitat for Humanity volunteer  and a contributing writer for The Huffington Post. Kim resides in the  rolling hills of Kentucky.

LIAR’S  BENCH – Coming Spring 2015: Two Kentucky hangings a hundred years apart thrust  strong-headed 17-year-old Mudas and her mixed race boyfriend, Bobby, into  corrupt politics, mystery, and murder during the summer of 1972. Forced to  grow up fast in a time and place where the KKK is still a power, women are  finding their voices, and the South is struggling to shed its past, the two  teens must race to solve the gruesome death of Mudas’ mom before they become  the next victims. On ‘Liar’s Bench’, the focal point which ties the attitudes  and mores together, situated in the Town Square of Peckinpaw Kentucky, Mudas  and Bobby discover sinister secrets hidden in a hundred years’ worth of lies.


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